Our Team
Our Focus
Our team consists of investment and operating professionals that have worked together for over a decade.

We have extensive expertise in working with System Companies and consider ourselves ideal partners for
System Companies and their blue-chip counterparts because of our proven expertise, active investment
approach and permanent ownership mentality.

Steven Johnson, CFA - Principal

Adrayll Askew, CFA - Partner

Christopher W. Cola, CPA - Vice President

Dameshia DeFlora - Vice President

Michelle Garrett - Administrative Manager


Operational Resources
Mr. Johnson has over twenty years of experience in business leadership
and strategic management.  He manages the day-to-day operations of
Spinel and is involved in all aspect of the firm's investment activities..

Mr. Johnson was previously an Equities Analyst at Invesco and Chief
Financial Officer at CertifiedSafety, Inc., a third-party safety services

He also held senior-level financial positions with Greene Tweed, an
energy product development company and Trussway, a private
equity-backed construction firm.  

He also held investment banking and institutional asset management
positions while with JPMorgan Chase and began his career as a   
mechanical equipment project manager for Fluor Daniel.  

Mr. Johnson earned a Master of Business Administration degree from
The University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Science degree in
Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University.
--Steven Johnson, CFA - Managing Partner--
Entrepreneurial capital with an ownership mentality
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