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We view System Companies as attractive because they tend to be lower-risk investment candidates
because of their contractual rights, steady growth rates, strong cash flows, and symbiotic relationships with
their blue-chip counterparts.

We target North American-based System Companies that have the following characteristics:

  • Revenues between $50 million and $2 billion
  • Symbiotic relationships with blue-chip entities, such as large corporations and government agencies, as a result of
    being the sole or key providers of value-added products and/or services
  • Leading market position and sustainable competitive advantages
  • Attractive growth prospects and strong, recession resistant cash flows
  • Experienced management team that has an ownership mentality
  • Clear opportunities for long-term, sustainable value creation

We specialize in:

1) acquiring and converting corporate divisions and government-owned organizations into independent, privately-held
   System Companies; and
2) investing in independent, privately-owned System Companies and growing them into larger and more meaningful
   suppliers and/or distributors of blue chip entities.
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