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Our team consists of investment and operating professionals that have worked together for over a decade.

We have extensive expertise in working with System Companies and consider ourselves ideal partners for
System Companies and their blue-chip counterparts because of our proven expertise, active investment
approach and permanent ownership mentality.

Steven Johnson, CFA - Managing Partner

Adrayll Askew, CFA - Partner

Christopher W. Cola, CPA - Vice President

Dameshia DeFlora - Vice President

Michelle Garrett - Administrative Manager


Operational Resources
We source specialized operational resources on an as-needed basis
utilizing experienced personnel on a project basis to help uncover and
drive opportunities to enhance company performance.  

We utilize operational resources to lead certain projects during
acquisitions and transitions and expect to utilize operational resources to
help drive projects designed to enhance productivity in current and future
System Company opportunities.
--Operational Resources--
Entrepreneurial capital with an ownership mentality