Spinel is a private investment firm that specializes in owning and operating high-value logistics, supply
chain management and distribution businesses that have a symbiotic relationship with blue-chip entities
(“System Companies”).

Our goal is to own and operate businesses within the ecosystems of blue-chip, benchmark operators,
where we have a clear understanding of the opportunity to drive value.  

We provide a unique combination of investing and operational expertise, an active investment approach and
a patient, long-term view on investing that provides value to high potential companies and their
management teams.

Our approach emphasizes: 1) driving strategic and operational improvements to transform businesses and
maximize profitability; 2) maintaining prudent capital structures to enhance financial flexibility and strategic
optionality; and 3) working closely with management to create and capture sustainable value.
Our Focus
“We always invest our personal
capital alongside our management
and investment partners, share in the
risks of ownership, and make our
money just as they do – through
building sustainable business value
over time.”
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